• Honorable MinisterAdvocate Mostafizur Rahman was sworn-in as the Minister for the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education on January 12, 2014 – an office that he holds at present.
  • SecretaryMr. Mohammad Asif-Uz-Zaman joined as Acting Secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education on 31 August, 2016.
  • Director GeneralA.K.M. Anwar Hossain joined as Director General (Additional Secretary) of the Compulsory Primary Education Implementation Monitoring Unit (CPEIMU) on 1st February 2017.

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Office Orders

Annual Performance Agreement (APA) of CPEIMU‏

Name of Document Published Date
Annual Performance Agreement (APA) between Director General, CPEIMU and Secretary, MoPME 27-June-2016

Office Order Latest

Name of Document Published Date
NOC to Muhammad Abdus Sabur 24-May-2017
NOC to Begum Habiba Khanam 12-April-2017
Transfer Community to RPS School List 24-Mar-2011
Community to RPS transfer 03-Aug-2010

Office Order Archive

Name of Document Published Date
RPS Head Teacher Post Creation 14-Jul-2008
RPS Teachers Service Rule 1-Jan-2009
Private School Establishment Rule 1-Jan-2009
Head Teacher Post Creation 14-Jul-2008
Adhock Committee 07-Apr-2008
RPS Head Teacher to Assistant Teacher 07-Apr-2008
RPS Head Teacher Appointment 01-Apr-2008
Post Vacancy RPS 31-Jan-2008
Community 40% 29-Aug-2006
Correction of SMC for Community 29-Aug-2006
DG, CPE Empowerment about MPO 13-Mar-2005
13 Point for MPO of RPS 13-Mar-2005
About Bonus and Dearness Allowance 16-May-2004
Leave for the RPS Teachers 22-Feb-2004
About Arrier for the RPS Teachers 30-Aug-2003
B.ED Equivalency with CinEd 22-Jul-2003
Community School Student Requirements 28-Apr-2003
Open University Certificate Equivalency 17-Sept-2002
Non Government Teachers Suspension Withdrawl 03-Jan-2002
Registered Teachers House Rent Medical 14-Dec-2000
Registered Primary Teachers MPO Rule 04-Dec-2000
RPS Teachers 60%-70%-80% 08-May-2000
Registered Primary Teachers Age Limit 23-Feb-2000
5th Teacher Post in Registered School 29-Dec-1998
Freedom Fighter's Child Age Bar 21-Sept-1998
Adhok Committee 18-Aug-1998
Registered Teachers MPO Rule Correction 20-Dec-1997
Registered School Management Committee 09-Nov-1997
Registered Teachers MPO Rule 30-Oct-1997
CPS Teacher Recruitment Rule Corrected 13-Dec-1994
Hill Education Exumption 15-Sept-1993