• Honorable MinisterAdvocate Mostafizur Rahman was sworn-in as the Minister for the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education on January 12, 2014 – an office that he holds at present.
  • SecretaryMr. Mohammad Asif-Uz-Zaman joined as Acting Secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education on 31 August, 2016.
  • Director GeneralA.K.M. Anwar Hossain joined as Director General (Additional Secretary) of the Compulsory Primary Education Implementation Monitoring Unit (CPEIMU) on 1st February 2017. He joined Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS 1984 batch) in the Taxation Cadre on 21st January 1986. He obtained his BSS (Honours) and Masters degree in Public Administration from Dhaka University. He hails from Jhalkathi Sadar Upazila of Jhalkathi district.

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To fulfill the constitutional obligation of Universal Primary Education, the Government promulgated the Primary Education (Compulsory) act 1990. To implement this act and to co-ordinate, monitor and observe the progress of implementation of this act at the field level, Compulsory Primary Education Implementation Cell was created under the Ministry of Education in 1990. Subsequently the word "Cell" was replaced by the word "Unit". Officials were posted in the financial year 1990-91 with the approval of the Ministry of Establishment and Finance; The Unit started Preparatory Activities for implementation of Compulsory Primary Education from January 1991 as a wing of the Ministry of Education.

Compulsory Primary Education Implementation Monitoring Unit (CPEIMU) is a unit under the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Government of Bangladesh. Compulsory Primary Education program has started initially in 64 Thanas on January 1, 1992 and subsequently all over the country on January 1, 1993.

This Unit was engaged in overall supervision of implementation of this program. It comprises forty four posts (Class I-11, Class II-2, Class III-22 and Class IV-19 post).


The main objective of this unit is to monitor and evaluate the implementation of Compulsory Primary Education Program.

Activities of CPEIMU

Monitor and evaluate implementation of compulsory primary education programs in field level.

Organize mass communication activities and give wide publicity to convert the Compulsory Primary Education Program as a social movement.

Bringing the non-operative Community Schools of the country under operation through NGOs.

Inspection and supervision of Government primary school, registered non-government primary school and community school and taking necessary actions thereof.

Preparation of budget and disbursement of the Government portion of the salary to the teachers of registered non-government primary schools and community schools.

Payment of honorarium and contingency expenditures of the teachers of community schools.

Establishment of primary school in the villages having no primary school through NGOs.

Providing total support and services to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education on compulsory primary education.